June 16, 2018

Dr Hook t-shirt

Heard this Dr Hook classic of the radio and it just had to become a t-shirt 

"When your body's had enough of me
And I'm layin flat out on the floor
When you think I've loved you all I can
I'm gonna love you a little bit more"
#DrHook #CustomTShirt #alittlebitmore

June 14, 2018

I will be posting telepathically today

I will be posting telepathically today. So if you think of something funny, that was me. 

June 12, 2018

No Dress Rehearsal, This is Our Life ~ The Tragically Hip

By far our most popular t-shirt, especially during the 2017 Christmas season. This is no longer available in our Etsy shops but can be ordered directly from us by e-mailing orders@tshirt.cafe or by using the Custom Enquiry Form. And, as always, custom modifications are our specialty.

October 4, 2017

Custom Tees and Hats

At Michaels Stores picking up some project supplies for my new custom t-shirts and hats biz 😊

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