July 23, 2018

Uber Greenlight Hub — Scarborough, Ontario

My first trip to an #UberGreenlightHub Apparently police checks need to be done every year now, and have to be done in person...so here I sit ☕️ with my #freecoffee at #UberToronto in #scarbourough

July 16, 2018


Here's me in my #bazinga #customtshirt 😁 $34 includes #freeshipping worldwide #thebigbangtheory #sheldon #sheldoncooper www.tshirt.cafe

July 8, 2018

Happy Sunday ❤️

Toronto Airport — Terminal 3 Departures Level

Beautiful evening at the airport.
Just dropped off some friends heading overseas. 
Maybe one day I'll go in, but a ticket for wherever the next flight is going, and then post when I arrive there...maybe, one day 😊

Bob Rodkin
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