July 17, 2016

July 12, 2016

We need silence to be able to touch souls.

We need to find God,
and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness.
God is the friend of silence.
See how nature;
trees, flowers, grass ...grows in silence; 
See the stars, the moon and the sun, 
how they move in silence.
We need silence to be able to touch souls.
~ Mother Teresa

July 3, 2016

You can take my breath away...

Would you dance if I asked you to dance? 
Would you run and never look back
Would you cry if you saw me crying
Would you save my soul tonight? 

I can be your hero, baby. 
I can kiss away the pain. 
I will stand by you forever. 
You can take my breath away. 

Would you swear that you'll always be mine?
Would you lie? Would you run and hide
Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind?
I don't care. You're here tonight. 

~ Julio Iglesias 

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