July 19, 2015

Caught in the Rain on the way home. Love Summer Rain — Scarborough Port Union Village Storm Soaking Wet IPhoneography at Port Union Village


Looking east for the Go Train from Oshawa Waiting in Whitby for Train to Rouge Hill Station — Public Transportation Durham Region Fresh Air IPhoneography at Whitby GO Station

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DRPS Police Boat Moored at Whitby Harbour on Lake Ontario — IPhoneography Durham Region Whitby Fresh Air at Whitby Yacht Club

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A fabulous day to take any one of these Boats out onto Lake Ontario from Whitby Harbour — Sailboat Motorboat Harbour Fresh Air Relaxing IPhoneography Enjoying The Sun at Whitby Yacht Club

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Playing Games with Gramps IPhone — Close Up Princesses Princess ♥ Girls Beautiful IPhoneography