December 9, 2015

Uber won't kill the taxi industry, they're hanging themselves.

Even though I drive for Uber, I really do feel for the legitimate "career" cabbies. The ones who work at serving the public, take pride in their vehicle and a job well done. Have invested in their career and thought there were by-laws in place to protect their livelihood. At times I know it may seem like my description leaves most cabbies out, but I really do think most are good, hard working family men. The problem is, as an industry, they have no leadership. The few city councillors that have an interest in their cause are probably the worst they could pick. If they hope, as an industry, to positively move forward then they need to hire a lobbyist. Someone to champion their cause at all governmental levels. Develop a strategy. Clearly, if today's taxi strike proves anything, it's that they have no clue how to save their own industry. There is room in Toronto for both Uber and Taxis but, at this rate, Uber won't kill the taxi industry, they're hanging themselves.

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